As an award-winning Art Director, I’ve worked with some of the finest photographers over my long career, so I can offer inspirationally, that there are many forms of image capture available to us, which is to say it is the image which is the essence of the process. Therefore the viewer is the final component in any image which makes the connection and creates the resonance between them.

I think David Bailey promoted his own range of the early ‘point and shoot’ ‘Disposable’ cameras, to demonstrate this. My work comes from moments of observation as a committed flaneur with a camera in my pocket.

A small add-on: I was recently shortlisted by the one and only Sebastiao Salgado in the Sothebys ‘MetaVerse’ and Obscura DAO Photo Essay Competition from over 300 entries, to his selection of 20 finalists. I am honoured, he has dedicated his life’s work to this craft.

SOTHEBY'S/SALGADOMy shortlisted entry to the Sotheby’s/Obscura ‘Environment’ Photo Essay competition. Judged by Sebastiao Salgado.

OBSERVATIONS. A Photo Book created in 2018. Some images from my daily local environment and beyond.

Introducing a Portfolio Edition ‘FLORIARTUM’.  A set of fine art prints, packaged in an exclusive box set.